D-Smart, Turkish satellite operator has decided to end broadcasting SinemaTV channels by the end of 2013. BTK, Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey has now made a final decision about customers who have contracts with D-Smart.

  • The subscribers who have contract with D-Smart, are now free to cancel their subscriptions without paying any extra contract fee.
  • D-Smart is obliged to publish this information for 1 month via its web site.

SinemaTV, owned by Oflaz Media Group has started its broadcasting life with D-Smart. SinemaTV is now available on other broadcast networks and IPTV networks in Turkey as well. SinemaTV now offers 6 channels: Sinema TV, Sinema TV 2, Sinema TV Aile, Sinema TV 1001, Sinema TV Aşk ve Sinema TV Aksiyon. SinemaTV claims that there are 430.000 D-Smart subscribers with SinemaTV packages.

D-Smart also offers sports and other thematic channels that attracts its customer base, as Tivilogy, we will be following the impact of this decision and share the outcomes with you. Feel free to drop me an e-mail for further discussions via tanil at tivilogy.com



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