As it is an interactive innovation, IPTV is a significant change for     broadcasting industry. With Its leading features IPTV wil also cover internet and its portals. There are already tv sets with app installation ability to perceive internet entertainment directly on our A/V outputs.

Recently, Facebook is one of the most used media consuming platform on the internet. With its huge population and database, Facebook is going to be very valulable for IPTV. Due to channel fragmentation IPTV users will demand shorter A/V content to consume. Facebook again will provide a great solution to this demand. It has fast consuming content and rich content which is an absolute need for IPTV.

Additional to that, one another future of IPTV is interactivity, with combination of internet and A/V outputs, people using internet and iptv will already be able to interact with each other.  After, agreement with ustream and launching Facebook Live feature to publish live events on Facebook is an important sign of Facebook IPTV.  The combination of two different abilities will be very successful on IPTV platform.

On the Facebook side, it is really hard to convert revenue from their user database. there is a slim line between the network and users and pushing more advertisement can also generate reaction from users. so that creating another platform which has a lot of advertisement features will be very beneficial for the facebook family.  Users have an opportunity to create their own channels or videologs and ability to stream them for audience using iptv platform.

I can easily provision the Channels feature of Facebook on the forthcoming years.

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