It has been few days past since the Marka 2010 has been executed. From futurists to politicians, there are lots of guests from different industries. All of the guests has one subject and it is “Brand”. There are special prizes and awards during the conference and the most exciting one is the Marka Award of the Year, which went to Elif Şafak.  After the event, I have had a chance to interview with  Josh Spear who is awarded as A Young Global Leader by The World Economic Forum. Down below is the interview between me and Josh SpeaR

Emre: How did you start to blog on cool things?

Josh: I grew up able to travel around the world with my family and my father is a designer. I saw a lot of things about emerging cultures that were interesting. And I started with sending emails to groups of people about things that I like then I started a website which I can organize all stuff in it. then it becomes popular day by day.

E: How is your typical day?

J:These days are difficult for me, I would have traveled 150k miles this year. Dozens of countries, staying at hotels but I spent a lot of time walking around to threaten connected people to show me local designs, local art and local food.

E:What inspires you most?

J:I would say it can be anything which is unique to the place I visit. for example, you can make full day of shopping at Nişantaşı in istanbul and not see anything local. you could see all brands at nişantaşı but you can also see the same brands in other cities. I’m actually inspired when I found something unique which belongs to that culture.

E: Where is the coolest place in Turkey?

J: In istanbul i went around streets in galata and I can say Galata, becaure I found local designs and local people that were specific to Turkey

E: How do you see the future of social media?

J: Rather than seeing new websites like facebook, twitter or diaspora, I think we are going to see all media becoming social. Social is going to be layer and we are going to put it over everything.

E: What can you say to the entrepreneurs in Turkey?

J: Entrepreneurs in Turkey would be supported and awarded. Moreover, government should have support entrepreneurs more. At the USA and Europe,  Large companies give more support to initiatives,  same support would also be used in Turkey to back entrepreneurs on their path.

About Josh Spear

“As one of the youngest marketing strategists in the world, Josh is regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and no-holds-barred style of consulting on everything from design and gadgets to authenticity and word-of-mouth. His recent focus has been the power of the blogosphere, technology, and the impact this new media is having on the world. In addition to, his internationally recognized trend-spotting blog, he is a Founding Partner of Undercurrent, a digital think-tank focused on exploring new ways to reach young people without interrupting them. Undercurrent currently has offices in New York City, London, and Boulder. Josh has appeared in Time Magazine, the New York Times, Flair Italy, Chicago Tribune, Inc and many other major media outlets. A passionate and well received speaker, Josh has presented for such diverse clients as McDonald’s, Leo Burnett, Columbia College, NBC, Pepsi, Virgin, The American Advertising Federation, The Google Zeitgeist conference, The International Advertising Bureau conference, and as an active participant at the 2008 and 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos. He is also a member of the Global Agenda Council at The World Economic Forum, and was recently nominated a Young Global Leader.”*


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