OWN –  “It’s Your Life…Own It.”

The content on IPTV will be more converged and fragmented. These days’ media and TV services are evolving. Along with the evolution we are witnessing, and along with the trends there are new developments to correspond the industry needs.

In this new era content needs to be fragmented as it is consumed by users. For IPTV technology, the buzzword “Content is the king” is still the same and also be fragmented. In the perspective of fragmented content we are going to see more vertical services especially on IPTV services.

Because of the unavoidable delays, OWN executives have postponed and the Oprah Winfrey Network is going to be launched on 1st Jan 2011. On some platforms, we already knew that there are bunch of vertical channels such as Fuel TV. At first you can call the OWN as one another vertical Television channel on the network but it is far more different; OWN is a channel derived from a phenomenon “Oprah Winfrey Show” and it will be very first vertical TV channel derived from phenomenon TV program. OWN is of course powerful for vertical channel structure, but this will be a big step for other vertical channels which will be established in the future.

It is also sign for IPTV content and its structure. Of course advertisements will be evolved according to the vertical content. The content is going to be advertised more differently, for instance, according to content distributed, targeted advertising will taken into consideration on IPTV.

The platform can deliver users more customized advertising. Furthermore, social tools will be included on the platform. this vertical channels will be interactive and make available people communicate each other easily on the certain programming.

We are going to see more niche and fragmanted content delivery networks on the IPTV service, OWN is just the beginning.

“Introducing Oprah Winfrey Network”


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