It is certain that the social media has a huge impact on our daily life and Companies are now spending budget to enhance their brand or service. Actually internet enables people to interact with companies much more intensively. with that in mind we have now experiencing success stories on social media platforms.

4 Creative Social Media Campaigns  (source: Mashable, link below)

1. Creating a Personal Connection – Kraft Foods/Aladdin (Sweden)

“The campaign worked. Loyal fans turned out in droves to create films, posters, Groups on Facebook, fan pages, T-shirts and blogs dedicated to their favorite pralines. In four weeks, the campaign generated more than 400,000 votes (about 5% of the Swedish population), with more than 15,000 people becoming fans of the campaign and more than 140,000 people taking the praline test on Facebook. The financial numbers were just as sweet: Aladdin’s sales jumped more than 26% from the previous holiday season.”

2. Bringing the “Like” Button into the Real World – Coca-Cola (Israel)

“The result was more than 54,000 “Likes” for the Coca-Cola Village Facebook Page, making it the most “Liked” fan page in Israel, and millions of social media interactions.”

3. Turning Fans Into Brand Advocates – Reckitt Benckiser/Clearasil (Russia)

“All told, more than 500,000 people have participated in the group or used Clearasil’s apps on the social network. Clearasil’s sales picture also improved, gaining 30% during the year.”

4. Making a Classic Social – Le Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (Canada)

“During the one-month campaign, these three characters issued more than a thousand tweets in Molière’s style (language akin to Shakespeare’s Elizabethan English) and built a following of more than 1,000 fans — pretty impressive considering the highly targeted audience of French-speaking theatergoers in Montréal”

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