Few months ago, IAB has published 2010 Q3 report of advertising revenues on the internet. Actually it is not the most interesting information in it but display advertising is still losing interest on it.

For the few years, due to over usage of display advertising, banners are automatically being spammed by the users. The companies are still spending digital marketing budgets to impress customers around their products, but advertising in digital world needs creativity and proactive ability to take the click and interest of the user. Display advertising is the most known advertising method so that clicks, which are very useful at the early stages of internet, now becoming useless.

In the light of rich media, I can respectively say that the banner advertising spaces is having a revolution. Those spaces are becoming new interactivity ports for visitors. As the masters of the industry call them new advertising spaces webmercials, and this will be far more important than before in the future. Moreover, social media will be involved in webmercials to enable visitors or users to share their experience on these spaces.

At first there are limited banner spaces on the websites however decreasing numbers push the website owners to extend the banner spaces on the website. For the short term yes it is a nice execution to increase numbers. On the long term we have experienced that it is a disaster for display advertising. Currently any publisher cannot produce high amount of clicks from this spaces, but it will be more profitable within years if the publisher use this spaces more effectively.

Banner spaces are going to be micro portals embedded on the websites enhanced with social activity and interactivity.

You can see some deployments of rich media advertising by clicking here


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