Turkish market has been waiting IPTV service for years. However due to random and wrong investments Turkish public couldn’t get this service until these years. Actually there are bunch of problems that closes the doors for IPTV reach over the country.

First of all, the required service has some significant points to furnish household with minimum bandwidth. For instance, a household with 4 people has average 2 outputs to consume AV content and 2 computers to reach internet.

In Turkey, internet Service Providers is delivering the required bandwidth way more expensive than other EMEA or EEMEA countries on the continent. The very first problem for providing IPTV is to make available required bandwidth cheaply to optimum households at the country.

Secondly, there is not enough content abundance for backing and glamorize the service to potential users. Literally there are major content delivering media moguls in turkey to enhance the service when it is online.

Basically, the service of IPTV requires a STB and a minimum 16Mbit bandwidth to get the service efficiently. I have acknowledged bandwidth problem, furthermore, the other problem for the service is to establish a solution for Set Top Box selection. Turk Telekom makes a stride and agreed with Motorola to solve the issue.

IPTV has numerous advantages from the current streaming infrastructure used in Turkey. Additional to its new features, such as VoD, distance learning, interactive TV, its most significant side for Turkish market is billing options(micro payment etc.). Due to its young demographics and low household income; Turkey could be one of the major markets for IPTV.

On the other side, broadcasting companies would also benefit from the IPTV infrastructure. IPTV will bring new solutions to increase ARPU ( average revenue per user), revenue of advertising and crowdsourced content.

I have summorized the current situation of IPTV in Turkey, it is deep subject to write on and I will be posting further posts on content on IPTV, Billing methods of IPTV and more in the forthcoming months. You can also read my older posts to get information about other aspects of this new broadcasting technology.

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