Tivibu Ev, TTNET’s IPTV service has reached 360.000 subscribers. Tivibu Web, has passed 1M barrier in 2013.

TTNET is providing IPTV services for Turkish market which includes timeshift, VOD, catch-up and social TV features.

Tivibu Ev content ratings for 2013:

  • 4000+ movies and series watched 23M times
  • 2000+ kid content watched 9M
  • 1000+ documentaries watched 1M
  • 1000+ music videos watched 5M times.

Including Tivibu OTT service and Tivibu IPTV service Tivibu Ev, 4000+ content watched 8M times.

Tivibu Ev has the most rating for the weekend periods. Saturdays TV series and cartoons take the lead. On sundays the subscribers preferred movies and documentaries instead. The most watched movie in VOD category is “Çanakkale 1915” movie.

Here is the top 5 movies of Tivibu 2013

  1. Çanakkale 195
  2. Cars
  3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  4. Evim Sensin
  5. The Hunger Games

One important note for the subscriber base is, TTNET had followed aggressive marketing campaigns during the year, such as 2 months of free subscription and free to watch VOD contents. Tivibu has now stopped these attractive campaigns in 2014.


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