Turkcell, one of the major players of Turkish broadband and telecom market acquires Metronet. Metronet is a telecom company who provides internet services in Turkey.

Turkcell, provides high speed internet in 12 cities to more than 1,5M subscribers already. Turkcell also has 33.000km’s of intalled fiber network in Turkey. With Metronet acqusition, Turkcell adds more than 100K subscribers and two major city installments; Konya and Diyarbakır.

Turkcell also acquired Deksarnet Telecom from Vestel Electronics in 2013 for ~1.75M USD. Having Deksarnet for after sales and other customer services, and Metronet for new fiber optics networks show Turkcell Superonline’s fiber network business ambition.

TTNET with 6,6M ADSL subs is by far taking the lead and fiber is the new battlegame for Turkish telco operators. Turkcell superonline is the lead for fiber network subscribers with 1,5M and TTNEt has 444K subscribers and taking the second row.



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