It has been a while since I wrote an article about facebook TV. This new strategic move of the warner will be great example to this situation. Warner is going to rent its content over facebook.

The huge penetration of facebook will produce extra revenue for film producers and distributers. The F-VoD will be available for 30 facebook credits  which means 3$ in the real world. Recently the award winning movie the dark night is available to watch over facebook.

You simply logon to your profile and buy credits to watch the movie. other movie makers will distribute their content over facebook rather than later.

This will be evolution in terms of movie lifecycle. Normally, lifecycle of a movie begins with Releasing the movie to Theaters then+3 Months to DVD (sales, rental), +3 Months on VoD/Pay-Per-View services (hotels, cable, etc.), +6 Months on Premium services (HBO, Starz, etc.), +7 Years on broadcast television (TNT, USA, etc.). and the new social VOD will take place between Premium services distribution and Broadcast television stream.

The internet has effected all of the indurstry that constructs the world. Social media will take apart this action to phase two. Watch OUT!




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