The services provided by internet have a huge impact on our lives, and IPTV would include these services additional to its own features. IPTV can deliver its services and its output to all different type of monitors, which is scaled according to this presentation outputs. It has the prospect to deliver features beyond the capability of traditional or digital television distribution methods. For instance, by the help of the developed soft wares, IPTV set-top boxes could enable the simultaneous placement of four pictures on the screen that represent four customer channel requests. In addition, incoming telephone Short Message Service (SMS) messages, e-mail, and caller ID could be displayed on a customer’s television at a predefined location. One of the most important change will effect the television programming, With Internet Protocol Television, consumers’ selected channels and broadband networks are distributed everywhere. Also, IPTV provides a listing for broadcast and on-demand content with persistent navigation and search attributes, offered by a multimedia program guide included in a better programming navigation.

Consumers can instantly change the channel and surf channels without waiting, by using picture-in-picture service of IPTV. IPTV supplies a better VOD with all content, as well as HDTV, which can be obtained by subscription or pay-per-play and it also supplies a better DVR with internal and also external hard disk which allows the content to be paused, fast forward and rewind live, recorded and yet it is IPTV even concurrently multiple recording[6]. Apparently, this can demonstrate why plenty forecasting organizations think that approximately 20 million subscribers will use an IPTV service by 2008. To make a $12 billion revenue per year from rising service IPTV, including one set-top box, a fee of $50 per month would be enough in a couple of years. This way, when IPTV’s potential is analyzed; it’s obvious that it lets RBOCs to deny the revenue loss related to the home telephone which appears as their main revenue market. Else ways, the traditional telephone companies could end up like the ice blocks delivery companies existing before the development of the refrigerator, without IPTV. Since we now know that IPTV needs lower bandwidth compared to the commonplace way for viewing the television. On the next post, I’m going to strike into operations that IPTV can support.


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