IPTV is a system, which delivers enhanced video applications over a managed or dedicated network via Internet Protocol to the consumers who are registered subscribers for this system through a broadband connection. Because of the service and content quality issues, IPTV usually delivered by managed network rather than public internet [4]. Often, this service is provided together with Video facility on demand. In addition to this, there is provision to include internet services such as web access and Voice over internet protocol. In cases when internet service is provided, then it’s known as triple play.

IPTV uses an internet protocol over broadband connection and very often this service has been provided in parallel with the internet connection of the subscriber, supplied by an operator dealing with broadband. This is done by using the same infrastructure but apparently over a dedicated bandwidth allocation. Hence it can be described as a system in which a digital television service is provided to subscribing consumers over a broadband connection using the Internet Protocol.

If you search through technical and business literature on this subject, you shall find several definitions. For the purpose of my research, I am using the following definition:

IPTV is a system of delivering video entertainment that has the following characteristics:

  1. Significant part of system can be used for delivering voice and data as well.
  2. The technology allows the video content to be time shifted at the consumers’ discretion
  3. The technology allows the consumer to choose a now traditional media vehicle to view content. This is of course in addition to the television.
  4. Uses digital technology for coding, transmission of information
  5. Supports push as well as pull modes of content delivery.
  6. Supports broadcast as well as switched broadcast (multicast or unicast)
  7. The service provider owns or controls the network form its facilities to the consumers’ home. This network is separate from (and connected to) the public internet.
  8. The technology is based on or is being migrated towards IP protocol

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